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Why I Prefer Glass Percolator Bongs Over Plastic
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While holidaying in Holland I got this really cute looking glass bong and since then I’ve never touched the plastic one that I had been using for years. I’m definitely a happy reefer since then because I don’t get all that plastic taste in my weed. I love the feel of the clean smoke as it descends down my throat. Besides this glass percolator bong gets it to me really hard. With the plastic bong I never felt that grass was this potent. Gosh! Give it a try man and watch yourself as you explode.

Oh yes my friend who still has the plastic one says he loves the cool ice that comes out of the double walled one. He fills water into the double walls and leaves it in the fridge to cool up and then when he draws on it is cool all the way down to the stomach. I tell him he must try glass because glass is really cool and I don’t mean only the good looks. It is classy and you can get plenty of sizes, shapes and colors. Those might not really matter to the stoner but the taste from the glass ones cannot be replicated.

I know I will keep my precious glass bong safely and I love all that stuff that goes with it the ice catchers and the ash catchers, splash guards, et.al. I feel I got this really cool stuff and it just makes me care for it. I don’t smoke all that much maybe once a day or so and that means I get really cool and clean hits as THC absorption is great. Once in a while we do the hand out stuff and then everyone is careful as they know I love this baby.

Someone told me the other day that plastic can be carcinogenic. I don’t know how true that is. However, I do know that I didn’t get the same taste and impurities did come up the plastic once in a while. I find that the glass bong gets cleaned faster and more completely than a plastic bong. Some of the stuff is likely to remain stuck somewhere and that means you really don’t get your fill of air. A glass one gives you a lungful and that is really nice and worth all the money I spent on the glass bong. Perhaps if my plastic bong had had a glass bowl instead of the metal one I would have had a different experience as the metal bowl gave me real bad hits especially as I was just beginning the reefer life. I will not trade my glass bong for a plastic one now that I know what it’s all about.

They say that traveling with a plastic bong is better as they are more durable but I got a case for my glass bong, which could bulk up things but I don’t mind the case as long as my glass bong is safe.

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