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Information on Bongs

glass bongs

Regardless of whether you are experienced in the art of smoking or even if you are just a newcomer who is testing out likes and dislikes, glass bongs deserve a spot on everyone’s table. If you are interested in smoking medicinal herbs, tobacco, dry herbs or other substances; purchasing a glass bong should be a major consideration because they are simply that good! Here are a few tips on why you should use glass bongs over the conventional plastic bongs.

More Aesthetically Appealing

Okay, I know you’re probably thinking that this is a bit too far-fetched, but think about it for a second, glass bongs are generally more appealing than bongs made from other materials. One of the main reasons why individuals change their bongs is because of aesthetic appeal; nobody wants to have a lacklustre bong, especially not smoking fanatics.

You’re Saving the Planet

By using glass bongs as opposed to plastic or combination material bongs, you are actually lessening the amount of waste that finds its way to landfills, only to come to the rude awakening that they are not biodegradable and cannot be recycled. However, if your treasured glass bong happens to break, the glass can actually be recycled and the integrity of the glass used isn’t compromised.

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A bong Enhances the Herb Flavor

If you have smoked a similar combination in both glass and plastic bongs, you will definitely come to the realisation that glass bongs embrace the taste the of the herb and doesn’t take away from the taste in the way that the plastic bongs do. That being said, if you’re peculiar about the taste and even the purity of smell of the smoke, you should definitely invest in a glass bong so that your taste buds aren’t distracted by the influence of smoking through a plastic bong.

Bongs Provides a Safer Smoke

It is no longer a question of whether plastic may contain carcinogenic substances, it is a well-known fact! In light of this, especially if you are using bongs for medicinal purposes, it is encouraged that you utilize a glass bong, so as to eliminate the possibility of being affected by the toxins present in other materials.

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Never under estimate the pure power of the high that bongs will give you. Plenty of online head shops such as www.herbtools.co.uk will give you a huge selection of bongs in many shapes from classic glass pipes to crazy plastic pipes. Be sure to take a good look around because these cheap bongs are by far the hottest deal on the internet right now!

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