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All the best places to buy glass bongs


A quick search on Google will give a potential bong seeker a huge list of different online shops that all stock some pretty decent glass bongs. But no matter what you are seeking there is always a chance you will buy from a crappy store with bad service and products. To keep my fellow stoners on the right path I’ve made a list of a few different shops that you can make your purchase from. Most of these sell all sorts of paraphernalia, so there could always be a heep of other cool gadgets you can get your hands on!

www.HerbTools.com – These guys have been providing top knotch service for around 6 years now and are well known on forums worldwide. I’d 100% advise that you check them out when you are in need of a new smoking tool.

www.Bong-Hits.com – A new shop that recently caught my attention thanks to a shoutout from a fellow blogger. I put a small order in for some cool papers and all arrived as expected, give them a browse, you can buy some glass bongs here at good prices.

There are a few others but I have never ordered elsewhere so I could really list or rate them for you, but if any shop keepers out there want to get reviewed you can drop me a message! When smoking your weed through a bong there are less toxicons, but still check out the facts on CNN for more. I don’t agree with every stated but as said, when you use water to purify the smoke you can get a much cleaner hit.

Where to learn about bongs for sale

There are lots of places you can grab info to help guide you on your quest. For example you could read up on bongs for sale at glassbong.beep.com, Smokey-Bongman.bravesites.com or even right here at how to buy a bong, the basics


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