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A few good websites that help you to buy bongs

Nothing like a nice HD video of a ridiculously cool gun bong spinning around to get you hyped up! Now on to the topic at hand;
I’ve posted a lot on Bluewatercomics to help all my readers find peace and love with a bong of their own. I often tell you all how my life was changed drasticalyl when I was able to medicate cleanly and effectively. For example I just dropped a post the other day on bongs here. But I am not the only blogger that oftens great information, completely free of charge! I have a few friends I recently made at a 420 event who I got talking to, they have a few cool websites full of info themselves. With guides on bongs for sale and another site with a guide to buy bongs online. One of them in from the beautiful island of Hawaii, where they have come along way recently in terms of medicinal marijuana.

high-on-bongTo be honest I have never looked at colaberating with other bloggers but after this success I am wanting to know if any of my readers have their own sites or even YouTube channels? Drop me a message and maybe we can provide some great content on how to buy a bong or even just a chill smoking sesh. I know a few stoners don’t my area that are thinking of making smoking session videos, maybe you can join us! However you must bring your own herb, no roachers. We normally just fill up the communal pipe and get our smoke on with a pizza, when I think about it I’m not sure how entertaining it will be. But stay tuned for me, nevertheless!

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