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Is there anything more embarrassing than a coughing fit whilst smoking?

stop coughingWhether you are using cannabis for the first time or you have been medicating for years, you’ll find many explanations why every smoker should buy a bong. When applying one of these tools the smoke will pass through a large and cool water chamber and the smokes temperature will be drastically reduced allowing the users lungs to take in all of the goodness without being burnt or made to cough by hot smoke. This will result in a much smaller chance of coughing whilst smoking marijuana. You will most likely be pleased to hear that the taste of the smoke will also be much more enjoyable allowing you to appreciate it more. This also means that if you have some bad tasting weed it will taste much nicer once smoothed out by the water pipe.

Perhaps the most common solution to smoking the weed is by rolling up a nice big joint. Similar to a filtered cigarette, the dried marijuana plant material can be wrapped up inside rolling paper, but one that is exclusively designed for use with weed. Cigarette smoking and joint smoking does not require bulky apparatus, and tends to be a fairly easy way to get high when compared with cooking up some cannabutter or oil. The joint can be transported from one place to another with ease. When your joint is already rolled, it can simply be lit up wherever and whenever you like, but be aware it may start to taste bad after a day of being left out.

Using water pipes helps reduce coughing

Marijuana can also be packed into a glass bubbler, which is a type of water pipe seen at https://www.smokersplaza.com/. For people who have a very sensitive pallet, cigarette smoking from a pipe eliminates the ash, stale flavor, and burnt sensation that is sometimes reported with rolling paper. Pipes are reusable, and as long as they are taken care of, can be a very economical choice lasting you long into the future.

coughing whilst smoking marijuana
Regardless if you prefer a smoking cigarettes or cannabis, there are actually plenty of different ways to experience the benefits of marijuana without ejecting a lung from your mouth! But seriously, give the old bong a try and you might even build up a slight tolerance and learn to keep that cough at bay. The strange thing is, I have never been one to suffer with this problem and I smoke pure, my friends on the other hand can cough from cannabis even if it is mixed with tobacco (which is suppose to make it smoother, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it at all).

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