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3 Reasons why I Smoke Marijuana

1. Unlike alcohol, weed doesn’t thin the blood and put my body at a significantly higher risk of uncontrollable bleeding or even a stroke. While the alcoholic is slowly destroying their liver one drink at a time, research has yet to prove that smoking pot causes significant damage to the body that will ultimately lead to death.

2. Smoking pot is a natural mood enhancer and relaxant. Unlike popular prescription medications that are often prescribed to treat mild depression or anxiety, my weed doesn’t get in the way of my sexual health or cause my poor mood to get even worse.

3. Marijuana doesn’t cause my skin to itch, my nose to twitch, or my speech to slur. Although it can sometimes make me feel a little sleepy, my head doesn’t spin, I don’t have scary or uncontrollable hallucinations, and I am completely in control over my body.

Despite the fact that alcohol and prescription medications are readily available, but have so many detrimental side effects, they somehow get a hall pass when it comes to health risks. Clearly, marijuana’s reputation is nowhere near as damaging or risky as other things.



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