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How Police are Busting Grow Houses in the Winter

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I must say, when the image above caught my eye online I burst out laughing, before even reading the headline I knew it was a cannabis cultivation related article. Time and time again, winter brings round its ugly face and the classic tell tale grow house signs start to show. We all should know by now that the riskiest place to have a marijuana plant grow is in your loft, even with good extraction, those pesky pork choppers can sense the heat spots through your roof tiles. Unless you go to extreme lengths and plasterboard, double mylar and insulate your loft, then you really must avoid doing it.

So, back to the image and local news, this fool obviously has no extraction and just allows the heat to build up in the loft, real rookie mistake. As you can see, the nice warm roof has melted all the ice and snow creating a big red arrow that shouts “hey police, I’m over here!”.

If you want to take a look at the article click here. This actual image was taken in the Netherlands, but I can assure you it has happened in many countries and is something that is looked for by both police and thieves.

If you don’t have a medical marijuana growing permit then I strongly suggest for you to check your laws, as in most countries cultivation of marijuana is illegal and I do not recommend breaking the law.

I will produce a list of tell tale grow house signs that I have collected from multiple online sources some this this month.


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