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A few good websites that help you to buy bongs

Nothing like a nice HD video of a ridiculously cool gun bong spinning around to get you hyped up! Now on to the topic at hand;
I’ve posted a lot on Bluewatercomics to help all my readers find peace and love with a bong of their own. I often tell you all how my life was changed drasticalyl when I was able to medicate cleanly and effectively. For example I just dropped a post the other day on bongs here. But I am not the only blogger that oftens great information, completely free of charge! I have a few friends I recently made at a 420 event who I got talking to, they have a few cool websites full of info themselves. With guides on bongs for sale and another site with a guide to buy bongs online. One of them in from the beautiful island of Hawaii, where they have come along way recently in terms of medicinal marijuana.

high-on-bongTo be honest I have never looked at colaberating with other bloggers but after this success I am wanting to know if any of my readers have their own sites or even YouTube channels? Drop me a message and maybe we can provide some great content on how to buy a bong or even just a chill smoking sesh. I know a few stoners don’t my area that are thinking of making smoking session videos, maybe you can join us! However you must bring your own herb, no roachers. We normally just fill up the communal pipe and get our smoke on with a pizza, when I think about it I’m not sure how entertaining it will be. But stay tuned for me, nevertheless!

All the best places to buy glass bongs


A quick search on Google will give a potential bong seeker a huge list of different online shops that all stock some pretty decent glass bongs. But no matter what you are seeking there is always a chance you will buy from a crappy store with bad service and products. To keep my fellow stoners on the right path I’ve made a list of a few different shops that you can make your purchase from. Most of these sell all sorts of paraphernalia, so there could always be a heep of other cool gadgets you can get your hands on! – These guys have been providing top knotch service for around 6 years now and are well known on forums worldwide. I’d 100% advise that you check them out when you are in need of a new smoking tool. – A new shop that recently caught my attention thanks to a shoutout from a fellow blogger. I put a small order in for some cool papers and all arrived as expected, give them a browse, you can buy some glass bongs here at good prices.

There are a few others but I have never ordered elsewhere so I could really list or rate them for you, but if any shop keepers out there want to get reviewed you can drop me a message! When smoking your weed through a bong there are less toxicons, but still check out the facts on CNN for more. I don’t agree with every stated but as said, when you use water to purify the smoke you can get a much cleaner hit.

Where to learn about bongs for sale

There are lots of places you can grab info to help guide you on your quest. For example you could read up on bongs for sale at, or even right here at how to buy a bong, the basics

Where to Get Your Very First Dab Rig

concentrate rigsAre you interested in getting your very own dab rig – ? If you have been using a bong for the longest time, transitioning to using concentrates may have been quite a shock. You probably still remember that time when your friend showed you his dab rig, and you were amazed at just how small it is; you may also have been a bit skeptical about using it. However, the moment you took a drag out of a dab rig, you immediately realized that you need one of your own.

Here are some of the best places to get your hands on your first dab rig:


This website has absolutely everything that you can ever think of, and that of course includes dab rigs. If you don’t have a large enough budget for a brand new rig, a quick search on Craigslist will yield a multitude of ads selling secondhand dab rigs for sale.

A word of warning though, you need to be extra careful when dealing with Craigslist posts. You should only deal with legitimate sellers; if your gut tells you that there’s something wrong with an ad you stumbled across then you should probably close its window and look for something else. Also see about health risks.

Online stores

Now is the age of the internet, which means you can find anything you need online. If you are a bit iffy when it comes to buying secondhand rigs from Craigslist, you can just head on over to online headshops. These websites offer a wide variety of dab rigs and basic accessories that you can choose from, and most of them even offer free shipping. The only danger with online shopping is that you may get too carried away.

Your local headshop

Odds are, even if this is the first time you’ve heard about dab rigs you’re local headshop probably have them in stock ever since they opened. Though relatively new in the mainstream, people have been “dabbing” since the 60s, so they’re not technically new. You will also find other types of paraphernalia for sale such as bongs.
The great thing about getting your dab rig at your local headshop is you will also get expert advice on choosing the right rig and accessories. There’s just something about purchasing stuff from brick-and-mortar establishments that you cannot get from online shops.

How To Find Bongs for Sale: The Basics

buy a bong, different types

Learning how to find bongs for sale is not as big of a task as people think it is. There are plenty of new smokers who are curious and want to get their first water pipe but do not know how.

Buying a water pipe for the first time is as momentous for a person as being handed their first car keys. The thing with bongs is that they’re affordable enough for a person to get the one that they want. Here are a few tips for people who want to find a new bong.

Bongs for Sale

The first thing to learn about bongs for sale is to look at all the different types of water pipes out there, see There are plenty to choose from.

The bongs for sale are made from a wide variety of different materials like plastic, bamboo, ceramic, and glass. Each type of bong material has its pros and cons. Learning about how each is different is extremely important in selecting a water pipe.

Take a look at the design
The design is basically the secondary quality a person looks for in a water pipe. Some are straight while others have a special curve to their design to make them look a little bit cooler and more unique.

Rounding up my how to buy a bong guide

A person can also look at the color. You can find plenty of plastic bongs for sale online, typically made out of acrylic, come in a wide variety of different colors. Glass water pipes, on the other hand, are sometimes stained to add a little bit of variety and give it a cool factor. Design is the next most important consideration for those who really want to learn how to buy a bong.

In my personal experience anyone wanting to buy a bong should consider all types of different things like I explained above, but don’t get too serious and take away the fun involved with making your purchase, it should still be a fun time! At the end of the day, if you like the look of the bong you plan to buy then just go for it, there should be no issues taking it back if needs be. So remember to keep all these creative ideas on mind when clicking over to an online bong shop.

Whether you smoke marijuana through a pipe or a legal substance, check with your doctor before hand.